The X Factor Roping blog brings you roping tips and information to be the best roper you can be. Heading, heeling, horsemanship, breakaway, and more – you name it we’ve got it covered. Featuring AJ Fuchs from AJ Performances Horses and Jolyn Young, you’ll get pro tips from inside the head of someone who knows roping.

AJ Fuchs is a roping horse trainer, and PRCA roper who lives in Stephenville, Texas with his wife and two kids.  AJ has been professionally training horses for over 10 years, he specializes in Team Roping horses and overall horsemanship.  Look him up on FB at AJ Performances Horses or website at

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Work Harder

Add to Watchlist Near 30 years ago this movie Cool Runnings hit the big screen. I saw It in the theater with my brother and my cousin in Montpelier, Idaho, where I grew up. We all can get motivated and inspired by different things. This one was even funny. In a nutshell, the movie has […]


Timeline for Horse Training

Add to Watchlist One of the most common questions I get asked is how long do I give a horse before I decide to move on to another one. Is it 6 months? Is it a year? And when will I know that I have gotten all that I can out of one with my […]


Jackyl and Jordan

Add to Watchlist Isn’t it interesting how some of the best rope horses in the world can be a little hard to be around? Some are a little quirky on the ground while others might try to buck you off when it’s even a little chilly. Others still are just terrible to ride anywhere that […]


The Logistics of Roping

Add to Watchlist It is often said that Amateurs think in tactics and Professionals think in logistics. I believe the logistics of roping at a high level are just as important if not more than the actual skill it takes to get there. Roping at a high level is a large undertaking. It takes time, […]


Eliminate Your Options

Add to Watchlist I was at a ropin’ in Bosque County in Whitney, Texas. Prior to the roping I was sitting in the box as they ran the steers through while putting the wraps on and letting my horse score. I overheard a conversation between a young college age boy and an older man he […]


Fortune Cookies

Add to Watchlist The other night my wife and I were on a date. We were delivering a colt we had sold and stopped for a bite to eat. We’ve been married nearly 20 years and this has always been our kind of date. Always business oriented, always going somewhere with a trailer in tow, […]


Physical Fitness for Team Ropers

Add to Watchlist Like other equestrians, team ropers typically prioritize their horse’s physical fitness. They long trot and lope circles to keep their equine partner legged up prior to competing. They jog, lope, and flex their horses up in the warm-up pen just before backing into the box at a jackpot or rodeo. Their own […]


Embrace The Number Bump

Add to Watchlist Embrace the number bump. Let’s face it. The leveling system of Team Roping revolutionized the sport. It gave everyone from beginners to world champs an opportunity to compete at their own level. It gave the new guy, or the disadvantaged a chance to make slow but consistent runs and still get a […]


10 Tips For Beginner Ropers

Add to Watchlist Getting Started with Team Roping There are no two ways about it: Being a beginner roper is hard. A novice team roper has to learn to ride, rope, and then do both at the same time while running full-tilt down an arena. The learning curve is steep, but the rewards are great, […]


Keep Them Looking Nice

Add to Watchlist Have you ever seen a horse at the roping or even just standing there tied that you couldn’t take your eyes off of? What was it about them that caught your eye? Was it their confirmation? Or was it their slicked off look? Or even how they were brushed out that morning. […]

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