Are You Just Getting By

One of the easiest traps to fall into with horses is just getting by them rather then helping them when needed.  This is especially true with our heel horses.  Its so easy to just pull their head out of the way and heel. Now, sometimes you have to do this in order to win and […]


Trouble With Timing

Timing has to be one of the most controversial subjects in team roping.  Some claim it is the only way to heel steers while other swear that it is a complete illusion.  Though it may get me in a fight some day, I am the minority that does not believe in timing.  Now don’t get […]


It’s A Trying Process

Once you have figured out the parameters for what kind of horse you are looking for, its time to hit the road and start trying them.  This is by far the most fun part of the entire process if you follow a couple guidelines to keep you protected and safe.  There are tons of horses […]


Practice High Call Before

If you have ever been in a short round, you know how it feels. The music is loud, horses are amped, and you can almost feel your heart trying to beat out of your chest. It’s an incredible feeling. It’s one of the main reasons we enter in the first place. This feeling can either […]


Finding Your Next Horse

Buying a horse in this current horse market can seem like a daunting task. It’s hard to find a good place to start and when you do finally get going, how do you know what they should cost and if you are getting the wool pulled over your eyes? How old of a horse should […]


Gaining the Initiative

As a heeler, everything is dictated off of where your steer goes and what they do. The steer is completely free at the start of the run, and it is a game of control from the start. You can either be behind the pace of the run or be ahead. When you put your self […]


Have A Short Memory

In Team Roping, our greatest obstacle is often in our own mind. We naturally dwell on what we did wrong in a run in order to try to fix the problem. The trouble is, sometimes we dwell so hard on certain flaws that they start to manifest themselves in most of our runs. Have you […]


Meet AJ Fuchs

AJ Fuchs is a roping horse trainer and PRCA roper who grew up riding cutting horses and skiing in Jackson Hole, Wyoming. He now lives with his wife “Courtney” and two kids in Stephenville, Texas. AJ has been training horses for close to 15 years, starting off riding cutting horses and breaking colts before finding […]


Play Your Game

In an age where team roping is getting faster and faster, it can be very easy too get caught up in the pace of the roping and try to do something beyond your capabilities. We see this at every level from the 8 up to open. Someone comes out and throws their rope really fast […]


How Much is Too Much

One of the most frequent questions asked on roping horses is how many steers should we run on each horse in the practice pen. It can be a complex question because every horse and rider is very different. Some horses are young and can only handle a couple steers everyday while other young horses need […]

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