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The X Factor Roping Podcast brings you an insiders look at the professional roping world. We interview some of the best ropers and horsemen in the industry!

We sit down with ropers such as Dustin Egusquiza, JoJo LeMond, Chad Masters, and more. Follow along to hear the pros discuss their life story and how they became successful.

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#53 Ken Bray, President & CEO of Equibrand

Add to Watchlist For this podcast, we wanted to step over to the business side of team roping and dig into the details with Ken Bray, President & CEO of Equibrand (which currently operates popular brands such as Classic Rope, Classic Equine, Martin Saddlery, Rattler Rope and more…). Bray talks about what it takes to […]


#52 Kolton Schmidt

Add to Watchlist NFR qualifier Kolton Schmidt talks about competing at the highest level of roping. Kolton shares his personal training and mental techniques that have helped him handle the lifestyle of team roping. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . For questions or feedback about this podcast, […]


#51 Wesley Thorp

Add to Watchlist Winning isn’t just for the World Champions but for EVERY level of roper. Listen in to Wesley Thorp sharing his story talking about how he capitalized every number along the way to a World Title. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . For questions or […]


#50 Jade Corkill

Add to Watchlist Listen to Jade Corkill tell HIS story. The ups, the downs and everything in between. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . For questions or feedback about this podcast, email Pace personally at: PaceFreed@xfactorteamroping.com


#49 Craig Cameron

Add to Watchlist Texas Born and raised, Craig Cameron grew up in the ranching life and started his career competing in rodeo and soon developed his love for training horses. Today, Cameron is a world-renowned clinician specializing in training horses and riders, touring all over the country sharing his training techniques. He has many accomplishments […]


#48 Clay Tryan

Add to Watchlist Husband, Father, and Competitor. 3x World Champion Clay Tryan talks about his mindset and work ethic that has perpetuated his successful career in team roping. Listen as he discusses his competitive nature as well as his advice to all young ropers including his own kids.   For questions or feedback about this […]


#47 Erich Rogers

Add to Watchlist World Champion Header Erich Rogers talks about his life journey as a team roper. He has an amazing story and provides insightful information on how he sets goals and accomplishes them through hard work and determination.   For questions or feedback about this podcast, email Pace personally at: PaceFreed@xfactorteamroping.com


#46 Hunter Koch

Add to Watchlist Hunter Koch is a 22 year old NFR qualifier from Vernon, TX and has a story that is truly inspirational! In this episode, Hunter shares his personal journey to success. Interesting fact: Hunter did not grow up with a background in team roping! This young man is very relatable and resonates with […]


#45 Steven Duby

Add to Watchlist Steven Duby is a 22 year old PRCA header from Caldwell ID. He talks about his young rodeo career which consists of many ups and downs such as winning the PRCA rodeo “Pendleton Round-Up” to being part of a controversial call at one of the year’s biggest rodeos. You’ll enjoy listening to […]


#44 Samantha Oats, Marketing Director of Kahm

Add to Watchlist We have all heard about CBD products, but do you know much about them? Take advantage of this podcast with Samantha Oats, Marketing Director of Kahm CBD to get up to date information on CBD: What it is, what it does and how it can benefit you and your pets. To learn […]


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