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Online coaching program, team roping instructional videos, roping highlights, and exclusive slow motion footage you won't find anywhere else


Professional Footage

Access to over 1,200 videos to take your roping to the next level. Including instructional videos, highlights, and our exclusive slow motion area


Expert Coaching

Direct access to our pro coaches Buddy Hawkins, Ryan Motes, and Charly Crawford to answer your questions and critique your runs


New Content Every Month

At least 24 new professionally filmed videos added monthly. That's over 2 hours of exclusive footage every month added to our membership area

Give Your Practice A Purpose

X Factor Roping is the easiest and most effective way to improve your roping. Featuring the best team roping training videos from experts like JoJo Lemond, Ryan Motes, Charly Crawford, and Jackie Crawford. X Factor Roping features professionally filmed team roping training videos that break down the best tips and techniques from the pros. Our exclusive slow motion video area has some of the best footage you’ll find anywhere. From beginner to advanced, X Factor Roping has something for everyone to take their roping to the next level.

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X Factor Roping has something for every roper

2020 Super Tuesday Roping

Charly Crawford on the importance of your first swing


Don't just take our word for it, hear what our members have to say about The X Factor Roping Premium Membership

Boedy, Idaho

One of the best things about X Factor is they have a variety of pros on the site which is great because you can pick up different things from each one that might help you but also you see what things they all seem to do the same so you know you need to be emulating those few similar things yourself. When I’m trying to figure something out and learn something new you can't beat the crystal clear slow motion videos, you can totally focus in the hands and feet or what the rope is doing or how the horse is stopping etc...

Daniel, Mississippi

I love X Factor, it has helped me work on everything from dummy work to horsemanship. I’ve roped and been doing something wrong, go home and find my problem on the website. I’ve started roping in the practice pin a lot different where I use to just go make runs I now have a goal on every steer I run. Thank you, keep doing what y’all are doing!!

JD, Texas

I'm a 3 heeler and since joining X factor roping my practices are more focused and results driven. The Heeling fundamentals provide a step by step blueprint that ensures you are getting the basics before progressing to steps you aren't ready for. Buddy Hawkins and Ryan Motes have a way of explaining it in a way that I can understand and then go try. My swing and delivery is more consistent now because of them. The slow motion videos have really helped my in understanding position and horsemanship.

Clay, Missouri

It has helped my horsemanship out a lot. My favorite part about the site is by far the Facebook coaching group. Ryan Motes series on advancing through the different levels of heeling has helped me the most. My mental game has improved significantly.. And it has changed the way I practice I used to just run steers now I practice to accomplish something.

Brad, Colorado

X Factor is a fantastic site, I enjoy logging in and watching the new videos. as for improvement, it has made me more conscious of the run. I have been roping for about 25 years and I am still a number 4. I have made the finals in USTRC 5 times and Vegas WSTRC 1 time. I have figured out that a family and a full time job makes improvement slow, but it would be slower without your website. your site is great, easy to navigate to get to the information I am looking for.

Mike, Texas

Being able to watch the slow mo videos have really been a blessing for me. It’s helped me learn my delivery for heeling. Along with how and where my horse needs to be. Some nights my girlfriend and I will break down videos to help us out. She has really progressed in breakaway roping because of watching your videos.


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Pro Members have access to over 1,500 videos including full ropings, exclusive highlights, instructional videos, interviews, practice footage, our online coaching program, and more.

  • Over 1,500 Roping Videos

    Access the largest online roping library including instructional videos, full ropings, exclusive rodeo runs, interviews, slow motion footage, and more.

  • Full Ropings

    Including The Open Showdown, Mike White Pasture Roping, Windy Ryon Memorial, Broc Cresta Memorial, West Texas Open, Lone Star Shootout, and more filmed every year.

  • Instructional Videos

    Our videos have some of the best instructors like Joseph Harrison, Ryan Motes, Jojo Lemond, and more. They cover every aspect of roping from heading, heeling, horsemanship, and the mental game.

  • Exclusive Interviews

    We go behind the scenes with exclusive pre and post roping interviews with the competitors, winners, and the producers.

  • Practice Footage

    Exclusive practice footage you won't find anywhere else so you can see exactly how to practice like the pros.

  • Online Coaching

    Access to our Online Coaching Facebook Group for Team Roping and Breakaway Roping with our amazing coaches Charly Crawford, Buddy Hawkins, Ryan Motes, and Jackie Crawford.

While we wish we could provide all of our content to the roping community completely free, the fact is it is expensive and time consuming filming all of the new content we provide each month.

We want to continue to provide the best online roping resources so that people around the world have access to our library of instructional videos and amazing coaches.

Pro Members have access to our entire library of content (over 1,500 videos and growing), online coaching groups, and everything we have to offer. Free Members have access to a small portion of these videos (about 200 currently) that are ad supported.

We hope that you will consider upgrading to a Pro Membership to help support us so that we can continue to bring you amazing roping videos whether you enjoy watching full ropings or are trying to learn to dominate your number.

With your X Factor Roping Pro Membership you get access to the best online roping resources that you'll find anywhere online today.

  • Over 1,500 videos including full ropings, instructional videos from the best in the industry, exclusive rodeo runs, interviews, and more
  • Our videos cover every aspect of roping including heading, heeling, horsemanship, full ropings you won't find anywhere else, and even the mental game
  • At least 24 new videos added each month to keep you up to date with all the latest
  • Access to our Online Coaching Facebook Groups for Team Roping and Breakaway Roping where you can submit videos of your runs to our coaches Charly Crawford, Ryan Motes, Buddy Hawkins, and Jackie Crawford
  • Access to all current and future focused roping series including Heading Fundamentals, Heeling Fundamentals, and Horsemanship Fundamentals
  • Create your own playlist with our "Favorites" feature
  • No ads! Enjoy your videos ad free

The Pro Members library currently has over 1,500 videos including full ropings, instructional videos, highlights, exclusive rodeo runs, interviews, and more.

We make it our goal to provide at least 24 new videos each and every month.

The Free Members library currently has about 200 videos with new ones coming each month as well.

We are constantly out filming new content from full ropings, instructional videos, interviews, and more. Our goal is to provide you with at least 24 new videos each and every month.

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