Keep Them Looking Nice

Have you ever seen a horse at the roping or even just standing there tied that you couldn’t take your eyes off of? What was it about them that caught your eye? Was it their confirmation? Or was it their slicked off look? Or even how they were brushed out that morning. The point is that it was likely all of them. Had just one of these factors been in place you likely wouldn’t have given them a second look. But with all of them, they simply look awesome. If same horse really works their butt off in the roping it is even more attractive. Moral of the story, if you want to present high value horses they need to look the part.

horse care tip to keep them looking nice

Starts With The Diet

We are what we eat and that holds very true for our horses too. If they are getting a low protein round bale, don’t be surprised when they have a gut and low muscle tone. Just like a professional athlete, they need a high quality good protein diet in order to perform at a high level. Think of your horse as a professional football player and feed them accordingly and you will see great results.

I also recommend feeding a feed high in omega 3 fatty acids. Some type of oil and shine product will pay dividends when you have a shiny horse that looks very valuable. I feed Omega Fields Horse Shine its cost effective and goes down easy and really helps those horses to look the part. Ultimately it comes down to, if you want a horse to be a high dollar horse, they have to look the part.

Workout Regime

Just like a professional athlete, the second part is a workout regime. I see it all the time, horses that get ridden 2 days per week and owners wonder why they don’t look muscled up and fit. I personally have 18 horses to ride everyday so I bit the bullet and bought a priefert horse walker. They come very highly recommended and have helped my horses to be in incredible shape, especially the good ones who don’t need to head steers 5 days per week. Whether you go with a walker or not, remember that these guys are our own professional athletes and you are their personal athletic trainer. If you can help them to be fit and strong, believe me they will not only feel good, they will truly look the part.

Care and Grooming

The final piece of the puzzle is to make sure a horse looks their best on game day. If it is during the summertime, maybe a good bath the day before is in order. If it is winter there is only so much you can do but you can still help them to look good. Brush them out good and comb up their mane and tail. It takes 5 minutes and really helps your horse to shine.

Wrapping Up

Ultimately we all know these things to be true. Look at almost every horse in the Open. They are all shined to a T and look the part. At anytime if a Pro told you this horse is worth 50k, you would believe then and that all comes down to presentation. If you want people to take you seriously or you ever plan on selling that horse for big money, help them look the part. Make your horse irresistible to the public and it will pay dividends. As the ZZ top song goes, every girl crazy about a shape dressed man.


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Being able to watch the slow mo videos have really been a blessing for me. It’s helped me learn my delivery for heeling. Along with how and where my horse needs to be. Some nights my girlfriend and I will break down videos to help us out. She has really progressed in breakaway roping because of watching your videos.

Lauren, California

X Factor has completely changed my mindset in my practice, how I compete and shaped a lot of my horsemanship while roping. I have ridden horses, trained, and barrel raced all my life, but within the past 3 years I have started to rope. I had a young horse I knew I couldn't finish in the barrels because she isn't very fast, but would make a great heel horse. So I set off on an adventure of training a rope horse, all while also learning to rope myself! Lucky me, my horse is a natural at reading cattle and watching a corner, but it was still a learning curve. My X Factor membership purchase was a turning point for my positioning, warm up for my heel horse and my body control translating to my horse when delivering. X Factor was also when my "self teaching" of how to heel really took off! Watching videos over and over, taking notes and exploring all of the different pros to learn from was what really helped me start to figure out my swing, timing and delivery.

Clay, Missouri

It has helped my horsemanship out a lot. My favorite part about the site is by far the Facebook coaching group. Ryan Motes series on advancing through the different levels of heeling has helped me the most. My mental game has improved significantly.. And it has changed the way I practice I used to just run steers now I practice to accomplish something.

Daniel, Mississippi

I love X Factor, it has helped me work on everything from dummy work to horsemanship. I’ve roped and been doing something wrong, go home and find my problem on the website. I’ve started roping in the practice pin a lot different where I use to just go make runs I now have a goal on every steer I run. Thank you, keep doing what y’all are doing!!

Blaine, Mississippi

It has help me tremendously with my horsemanship, the way I practice, and also how approach certain situation. My favorite part of the site is all the different categories you can choose from to work on. Love it

Jordynn, Canada

X Factor has helped me probably the most in my horsemanship which is precisely why I was interested in becoming a member to begin with. So mission accomplished. My favourite parts about the site is the horsemanship videos. And the videos of the ropings. I would say the Joseph Harrison and the Ryan Motes videos have helped me the most. Both a great horsemen and I like how they Really break down what they’re doing with their colts I practice completely different than I used to. And with me being a colt starter and rope horse trainer I take a lot from the horse training videos. And really appreciate them being available.

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