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Unlock 20 Training Secrets That Made These Ropers Never-Choke Champions

Discover how JoJo Lemond, Charly Crawford, & other champion headers win - with secrets and techniques the best headers have mastered

The Header's Playbook

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Uncover JoJo Lemond’s 3 keys to master roping, by controlling your coil sizes, mastering your slack, & a strange technique most ropers don’t like.

Get the game-changing method to rope a veering steer - the best way, from roping veteren Marty Becker.

Fix the worst heading mistake you’re making - Brock Hanson will hand you his 2 keys to stop splitting the horns forever.

Learn Lari Dee Guy’s 3 points of rate that every header should master in a coaching session on her best tips to to catch & handle a steer.

Build your unbreakable roping foundation - Let JoJo Lemond show you how to build the foundation he built to become one of the most respected headers in the business.

Unlock $1.2 million header mode - with the superpower Charly Crawford used to become a team roping millionaire: his first swing.

2-swing every steer - with Marty Becker’s favorite trick where he held his horn every run & was still able to 2-swing every steer & become a $1 million+ cowboy.

Speed up your clock-stopping face. Let Rhett Baker coach you through 2 ways to face faster.

Hit the sweet spot with your rope honda. Watch how Brock Hanson delivers his loop in a way that finishes 10x better.

Don’t want to lose a finger dallying? Don’t blame you. Watch Krece Harris drill and coach you on the dallying drill he does to save his digits.

Do you know your rope like Lemond? Learn the 3 rare roping techniques JoJo Lemond used to rake in over $1 million in PRCA earnings.

Do you have freakish rope control? See why thousands look to Marty Becker for roping advice as he gives you the blueprint for keeping your loop open and precise.

Still can’t get your horse to face properly? Get coached by 19x WPRA World Champion Jackie Crawford to get your horse ready to face fast & not too early!

Hate when your horse doesn’t stay level & square? If your horse ducks & doesn’t stay level & square, Charly Crawford has an advil-simple simple trick to fix the headache.

Frustrated with your horse’s habits? Shadow Lari Dee Guy & Hope Thompson in 2 sessions as they coach you to rope based on the type of horse you have.

Get 100% control of your horse - If your horse is anticipating your next move, you’ll want Brock Hanson’s favorite shortcut to break the habit NOW.

Horse won’t stay parallel with the steer through the corner? Get JoJo Lemond’s #1 method to stay in your lane & move with the steer as you need to.

Unsure about your roping technique? Charly Crawford will help you beat the basics & show you how you win more with your left hand than your right.

Rope feel unbalanced? Let JoJo Lemond give you the 2 things that give him 100% control of his rope, with the exact softness & loop size.

Get Your Header's Playbook Delivered Instantly