X Factor Roping Podcast

The X Factor Roping Podcast brings you an insiders look at the professional roping world. We interview some of the best ropers and horsemen in the industry!

We sit down with ropers such as Dustin Egusquiza, JoJo LeMond, Chad Masters, and more. Follow along to hear the pros discuss their life story and how they became successful.

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#35 KC Jones

Add to Watchlist Serial entrepreneur, steer wrestler, businessman, motivator, influencer, KC Jones does it all. In this episode we got to sit down with 9X NFR qualifier and hear about the journey he’s been on, the lessons he learned, and how he got to where he is today. Don’t forget to leave a review and […]


#34 Tyler Wade

Add to Watchlist From humble beginnings to 2x NFR qualifications, Tyler talks about how he initially started his team roping career as a heeler, how he has learned to play to his strengths and the ups and downs that have brought him to where he is today.


#33 Marty Becker 2019

Add to Watchlist In this episode Pace and Marty talk about training yourself as a roper and how to develop feel and flow for the run. Learn how to intentionally go through your run and stay in control!


#32 Building a Custom Saddle at Martin Saddlery with Matt Smith

Add to Watchlist Total customization, from the size of your saddle horn to the shape of your tree, Martin Saddlery not only gives you a saddle that fits your horse, they create a saddle to fit the rider. Some of the top ropers and riders in the world ride a Martin saddle, and we got […]


#31 Buddy Hawkins Being a Winner and Personal Coaching

Add to Watchlist How to become a winner… In this episode we got to sit down with Buddy Hawkins. We are so excited about our new partnership with Buddy, and we can’t wait for you guys to hear what he has to say.  He is officially XFactor’s newest personal coach, and you can head to […]


#30 Rhett Baker

Add to Watchlist We sit down with Rhett Baker to hear how Rhett got started roping, how that led him to discover his passion for training horses, and how he ended up getting involved in showing working cow horses. Rhett dives into the details of what showing looks like for him, and the time he […]


#29 The Next Level Clinic with Charly Crawford

Add to Watchlist A team roping boot camp to catapult your team roping career to the Next Level? Listen as Charly Crawford breaks down his desire for his Next Level clinic, and the goals he has to arm the generations coming up with the skills and fundamentals that will help take their roping to the […]


#28 Lane Ivy

Add to Watchlist Tune into this episode to hear Lane Ivy discuss his rodeoing and professional heading career, the mindset that keeps him motivated, practice pen habits, horse training methods and more!


#27 Tyson Durfey

Add to Watchlist If you aren’t already a Tyson Durfey fan, you will be after this! 11-time NFR tie-down roping qualifier, Tyson Durfey, joins us to talk about the hacks he has adopted, the ways he trains, what drives his success, the passion he puts into his work, current business endeavors and more. From the […]


#26 Roping Fitness with Ben Masztak and Pace Freed

Add to Watchlist What’s your workout regimen like? As a roper, you’re an athlete and that means training like an athlete. In this episode, Pace sits down with Ben Masztak to discuss workout regimens catered toward ropers, ways to fuel your body for top performance, and ultimately staying healthy from the inside out. If you […]

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