Horsemanship is one of the key factors in winning consistently

Learn How To Win Through Your Horse From Some of The best

Learn the keys to winning through your horse that the best in the industry have mastered.

Joseph Harrison, Ryan Motes, Charly Crawford, and more go in depth to build a solid foundation for your roping.

  • Correct hand and rein position with JoJo Lemond
  • Using your feet properly with Rhett Baker
  • The correct cues to stopping your horse with Ryan Motes
  • Warming your horse up properly with Buddy Hawkins
  • Body Posture and Position with JoJo Lemond
  • How to keep your horses listening to you while adding when going fast with Charly Crawford
  • Making sure your horse is ready to listen with Joseph Harrison
  • How to properly soften your horse with Joseph Harrison
  • The importance of being soft with our cues and how that helps us become great horseman with Joseph Harrison
  • Control your horses hips and shoulders correctly with Joseph Harrison
  • Using your outside rein drill to help control your horses shoulders with Cole and Craig Cameron

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Getting a Young Horse Stopping Right with Ryan Motes

Getting a Young Horse Stopping Right with Ryan Motes

Ryan Motes demonstrate how he gets his young heel horses stopping correctly.