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The 2020 Open Lone Star Shootout

The 2020 Open Lone Star Shootout

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Check out all rounds, rotations and interviews of the Lone Star Shootout presented by Bloomer Trailers!



If you enjoy watching well-produced ropings with extremely talented ropers, then you’ll be happy to know the entire roping is on 3h 51 minutes of total footage including exclusive interviews with the producer Austin Robertson and champions Cory Kidd and Caleb Anderson.

Here are a few things you can expect to see as you binge-watch each round:

  • Both rounds from each rotation
  • All three rounds from the short go
  • Multiple angles
  • Slow motion shots

You’ll also see Cory Kidd and Caleb Anderson rope three head in 14.88 seconds and walk away with $90,000 and a Bloomer trailer each, and a few other familiar faces in the top five slots like Britt Smith and Douglas Rich, Tate Kirchenschlager and Ross Ashford, Cody Snow and Paul Eaves, and Brenten Hall and Jake Clay Cooper.

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