Free Coaching Session


The 3 Biggest Things Cesar Can Help You With

  • Roper will take a short questionnaire that will allow you to ask any questions. It will also give our coaches the best opportunity to get to know what you are trying to accomplish with your roping.
  • Ropers can send up to 4 videos, no more than 30 seconds each with one run/loop per video.
  • Our coaches will critique and analyze your submitted videos.
  • Your roping coach will respond with how to correct the issues your having by giving you specific ways to practice and create good habits.


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Charly Crawford and Cesar De La Cruz are now offering a 21 day personal coaching and habit building program.

The 21 day program is designed with the belief that it takes 21 days of working on something specific to make it into a habit. With this program, a personal coach of your choice will help you create the habit you need to give your practice a purpose.

Want more personalized coaching? Try our 21 day program.

This is valid for one free video session per paying member.


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