Heading and Heeling Fundamentals Series Combo

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Featuring Charly Crawford, JoJo Lemond, Marty Becker, Brock Hanson, and more

Do you have all of the fundamentals covered?

Learn directly from the pros:

  • Coil size and finding what works for you
  • Swing and elbow position
  • Getting ready to rope with your first swing
  • Basics of your loop spoke
  • Upper body position
  • Head rope placement
  • How to correctly leave the box
  • Staying up with your horse while leaving the box
  • Dally drills for headers
  • Handling cattle
  • The fundamentals of facing
  • When to start your face
  • And much more!

Heeling Fundamentals

Who better to learn from than NFR qualifiers Joseph Harrison and Ryan Motes? They go in depth with others to make sure you have all of the fundamentals covered.

Learn directly from the pros:

  • The 5 part process to help your heeling
  • The different angles of your swing
  • Joseph Harrison breaks down a heeler’s delivery
  • Timing and trap loops
  • Proper upper body position for heeling
  • How to pull your slack and keep your rope tight
  • Ideal heeling position
  • The correct distance to throw from
  • Starting your entry in the corner
  • Working with your horse on a clean healthy stop
  • Practicing your dally
  • And more