Physical Fitness for Team Ropers

Like other equestrians, team ropers typically prioritize their horse’s physical fitness. They long trot and lope circles to keep their equine partner legged up prior to competing. They jog, lope, and flex their horses up in the warm-up pen just before backing into the box at a jackpot or rodeo. Their own physical fitness is often neglected, though. It’s easy to fall into the trap of thinking that roping isn’t physically taxing on the human athlete, because he or she is “just swinging a rope.”

Complete Fitness For Team Ropers

That’s a mistake, though. Team ropers are athletes and need to train like athletes. Developing core strength is vital to maintaining a powerful posture so that a roper can effectively swing and throw a correct loop. Stretching is also important to improving and maintaining overall physical fitness.


In order to improve his own physical fitness, X Factor founder and team roper Pace Freed teamed up with fitness expert Ben Masztak to create a specialized workout program that is provided completely free to all X Factor Roping members (Sign up for your FREE account now). Through his work as a personal trainer, Ben has worked with clients of all fitness levels and abilities. He isn’t a roper, but Ben is an expert in the mechanics of the human body and its range of motion. He used his expertise to create a custom workout program that targets the muscles groups used in team roping. 


To get started, Pace sent Ben videos of himself team roping. Ben analyzed Pace’s videos and identified core strength and hip joints as key areas to target when creating a stretching and workout program for team ropers. He then designed a custom program designed to help give team ropers increased strength and additional years of longevity in the sport. This program is personally used by Pace, so participants can be assured the exercises actually work for real team ropers. 


The Complete Fitness for Team Ropers program is nonlinear, meaning it does not get progressively more difficult. Instead, it focuses on the basics and builds structural balance. Goals include building strength evenly on both sides of the body, improving balance, and learning routine stretches. The exercises help build strength through developing lean muscles, rather than adding bulk. 


Roping is a great sport for competitors of all ages because it is relatively low-impact for the human athlete. Over 70% of team ropers are over 40 years old and male, so X Factor’s custom workouts were designed with that demographic information in mind. Regardless of their skill level, all team ropers can benefit from a personal workout program.


The workout program is divided into short videos and split into multiple phases to make it easy to get started and follow along. Ben delivers instruction and coaches an athlete through each stretch and exercise, allowing participants to see proper form and technique. Program participants track their progress by marking each video as complete as they finish it. 


The workouts are completely adaptable to each user’s fitness and skill level. They are suitable for both men and women, and they require a minimum amount of equipment. The exercises address flexibility and range of motion issues as well. Ben understands how joints work separately and together, and he includes moves that help alleviate common sources of joint pain.  


The workout videos are designed for a long-term healthy lifestyle, not a “get ripped in 90 days” philosophy. Hitting the gym hard for three months straight will deliver results, but since team roping is an all-year sport that can be enjoyed at any age, this program is simple enough to do every day yet challenging enough to see real results. Building a strong physical fitness foundation takes years, just like training a solid head horse or learning to throw a correct heel loop on the corner. 


To learn more about X Factor Roping’s Complete Fitness for Team Roper’s progam, check out Podcast #26 Team Roping Fitness with Ben Masztak to hear Pace and Ben talk more about the stretches and exercises. The workout program is available to anyone with a free X Factor Membership. Ben can also write customized workouts tailor made for team ropers on an individual basis.

Ben’s Basic Tips

Be patient

Give your body and mind time to learn and master each exercise.

Trust the process

Know that if you commit to doing the whole workout series and are diligent about doing the exercises, even when you’re too tired/don’t feel like it/really want to stop, you will see results.

Believe in yourself

Have faith that you can learn and complete a workout program, even if you’ve never been the type to exercise in the past.

Persistence pays off

Sticking with something and refusing to give up always reward those who stay the course.

Start one thing new a day

Wake up ten minutes earlier, or go to bed half an hour earlier to see positive changes right away. Committing to something smaller than a workout program can help develop ability to commit to working out every day.

Drink water throughout the day

Stay hydrated, but coffee is okay, too. Caffeine actually health benefits when used in moderation.


If you’re still not quite convinced, here are a few more reasons to work out: 


These little guys work hard behind the scenes to make you feel happy, but they can only do their job when released into your body through physical exercise. 

You are an athlete

Team roping is a physical sport. If you’re not working out, you’re giving your competitors an edge. Today’s roping is so competitive that a roper needs to be in top shape (or at least above average) if they want to consistently win. 

Improves mental game

Exercise works both directly and indirectly to boost an athlete’s mindset. Improved physical fitness brings increased lung capacity. This allows more oxygen to reach the brain during times of stress, such as the nervous state most ropers experience during competition. 

Reduce aches and pains

A fit body that is maintained at a healthy weight will experience fewer achy places and sore spots than one that is overweight and out of shape. 


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Brad, Texas

Being able to watch the slow mo videos have really been a blessing for me. It’s helped me learn my delivery for heeling. Along with how and where my horse needs to be. Some nights my girlfriend and I will break down videos to help us out. She has really progressed in breakaway roping because of watching your videos.

Lauren, California

X Factor has completely changed my mindset in my practice, how I compete and shaped a lot of my horsemanship while roping. I have ridden horses, trained, and barrel raced all my life, but within the past 3 years I have started to rope. I had a young horse I knew I couldn't finish in the barrels because she isn't very fast, but would make a great heel horse. So I set off on an adventure of training a rope horse, all while also learning to rope myself! Lucky me, my horse is a natural at reading cattle and watching a corner, but it was still a learning curve. My X Factor membership purchase was a turning point for my positioning, warm up for my heel horse and my body control translating to my horse when delivering. X Factor was also when my "self teaching" of how to heel really took off! Watching videos over and over, taking notes and exploring all of the different pros to learn from was what really helped me start to figure out my swing, timing and delivery.

Clay, Missouri

It has helped my horsemanship out a lot. My favorite part about the site is by far the Facebook coaching group. Ryan Motes series on advancing through the different levels of heeling has helped me the most. My mental game has improved significantly.. And it has changed the way I practice I used to just run steers now I practice to accomplish something.

Daniel, Mississippi

I love X Factor, it has helped me work on everything from dummy work to horsemanship. I’ve roped and been doing something wrong, go home and find my problem on the website. I’ve started roping in the practice pin a lot different where I use to just go make runs I now have a goal on every steer I run. Thank you, keep doing what y’all are doing!!

Blaine, Mississippi

It has help me tremendously with my horsemanship, the way I practice, and also how approach certain situation. My favorite part of the site is all the different categories you can choose from to work on. Love it

Jordynn, Canada

X Factor has helped me probably the most in my horsemanship which is precisely why I was interested in becoming a member to begin with. So mission accomplished. My favourite parts about the site is the horsemanship videos. And the videos of the ropings. I would say the Joseph Harrison and the Ryan Motes videos have helped me the most. Both a great horsemen and I like how they Really break down what they’re doing with their colts I practice completely different than I used to. And with me being a colt starter and rope horse trainer I take a lot from the horse training videos. And really appreciate them being available.

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