X Factor Roping Podcast

#26 Roping Fitness with Ben Masztak and Pace Freed

What’s your workout regimen like? As a roper, you’re an athlete and that means training like an athlete. In this episode, Pace sits down with Ben Masztak to discuss workout regimens catered toward ropers, ways to fuel your body for top performance, and ultimately staying healthy from the inside out. If you are interested in […]


Manny Egusquiza, PRCA Team Roping Director Episode #25 on the XFTR Talk Show

We want to educate the rodeo contestants to be able to use PRCA resources to their full advantage! That is why we met up with PRCA team roping director Manny Egusquiza. You would not believe the “ins and outs” that a Team Roping director is in charge of! “I am the voice of the contestants!” […]


Austin Robertson Episode #24 on the XFTR Talk Show

X Factor Roping had the pleasure of sitting down with “roper turned “producer” Austin Robertson of Robertson Hill Ranch Corrientes. Many of you know him from his renowned open ropings such as The Lonestar Shootout and The Open Showdown. Listen in on this podcast to hear about all the ins and outs that goes into […]


Buddy Hawkins Episode #22 on the XFTR Talk Show

In this episode we sit down with second-time NFR qualifier, Buddy Hawkins, and talk about his journey, how he and Lane Ivy prepare for rodeos and the road they have taken to the NFR! Download Episode!


Clay Logan Episode #23 on the XFTR Talk Show

Clay Logan grew up in a ranching family gathering wild cattle out in Arizona. He spent plenty of time with his father roping and learning the basics of horse care and ranch management. Clay later moved to Texas and began working with some of the leading cutting horse trainers when he met and married Colleen […]


Roe Torres Episode #21 on the XFTR Talk Show

In this episode, southeast Idaho native, Roe Torres sits down with us to talk about the unique challenges and obstacles he has faced and overcome as he is missing part of his left arm. Torres is a talented heeler and horse trainer with a true passion for the sport and an inspiring story. We all […]


George McQuain and Rope Production at Equibrand Episode #20 on the XFTR Talk Show

We have sat down with him before, and we were excited to get to set down with him again. As the one who oversees all of the rope production for Equibrand, George Mcquain has quite the story and we dig right into it on this episode of X Factor Roping Podcast. Download Episode!


Trey Johnson Episode #19 on the XFTR Talk Show

X-Factor Roping was thrilled to sit down with Trey Johnson, he is not only an exceptional roper, but a remarkable minister. He definitely has a way with words that will give you a positive outlook and the confidence to improve oneself. Tune in to the podcast to see what Trey has to say, it will […]


#6 Roping the Dummy with Dustin Egusquiza

There is a big difference between a jackpot and a rodeo head loop. In this video, Egusquiza touches on that subject as well as how he prefers to rope the dummy. Also, lots of awesome slow motion shots! Check it out!


Ryan Motes Episode #18 on the XFTR Talk Show

Check out this intriguing interview with 4X NFR Qualifier and BFI Champion Ryan Motes! Ryan is known for his athletic ability with both his roping and horsemanship. Watch this interview to hear what Motes has to say, we guarantee you will NOT be disappointed! Download Episode!

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