Bloomer Presents The 2019 Lone Star Shootout Short Round Top 60 Round 1

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Modeled after the George Strait Roping, but created to provide bigger opportunities for multiple levels of team ropers, the Lonestar Shootout is easily becoming a must attend roping. With a 90% payback and a #16 incentive roping, there is a larger chance for ropers who might not currently be in the top 15 in the world, to rope against, and with, the team roping elite. 

“My entire goal with The Lonestar Shootout is not to make a lot of money…we are going to keep growing this and making this the best roping for guys to go to,” Austin Robertson, owner of Robertson Hill Ranch and the Lonestar Roping Shootout, said. This roping allows everyone to be on level playing ground, and opens doors for everyone to showcase their talent and compete for thousands of dollars against the best in the business.

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