X Factor Roping

#101 Jake Cooper

Jake Cooper has been a member of the PRCA since 2004 and has qualified for the NFR three times. He recently made the decision to try his hand in the rope horse futurity world with the purchase of a stallion named Reys of Pep. In this podcast, he discusses the changes he has made to …

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#100 Billy Bob Brown

This summer looked different for the 2014 Resistol Rookie of the Year Header, Billy Bob Brown. He and his partner, Kirby Blankenship decided to rodeo for about a month to see how it would go. They captured the coveted 2023 Cheyenne Frontier Days Team Roping Championship and Billy Bob finds himself inside the top 30 …

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#99 Billy Myers

Billy Myers is the founder of the Platinum Metal Rope Horse Futurity and Sale. August 31- September 2 will be the very first event with the Lazy E Arena in Guthrie, Oklahoma being the host. In this podcast, Billy dives in the idea behind this even, details about the event, breeding/raising horses and building a …

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#98 Paden Bray

Professional rodeo athletes are headed into the final quarter of the 2023 regular season. Paden Bray was recently crowned the California Rodeo Salinas All-Around Champion, the Days of ’47 Champion Heeler, and is currently ranked 9th in the Heeling World Standings. In this podcast he shares about making adjustments on the road, the hardest part …

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#97 Jared Fillmore

It’s no secret that your mental game plays a huge role in the roping arena. 23 year old, Jared Fillmore, from Payson, Utah shares his perspective on life and rodeo. This is a deep dive into the relationship between winning and self worth.

#95 J.C. Yeahquo

J.C. Yeahquo started his professional rodeo career in 2020 with his brother, L.J. Yeahquo. Throughout the past couple of years, he has learned that he must do HIS job and stay true to the run they like to make as a team. J.C. and his brother have had a strong start to the 2023 season …

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#94 L.J. Yeahquo

L.J. Yeahquo and his brother, J.C., have taken the team roping world by storm this winter with big wins at Rapid City, South Dakota; Jackson, Mississippi; Austin, Texas; and San Angelo, Texas. L.J., the heeler in this brother partnership, shares his thoughts on winning and losing, competing at a professional level, and staying true to …

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#93 Cory Kidd

Cory Kidd is from Statesville, North Carolina. In this podcast, Cory discusses what it was like growing up roping on the east coast, the move to Texas, and the adjustments he has made along the way. In 2022, he ended up 16th in the PRCA World Standings. He talks about this accomplishment and how he …

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#92 Logan Medlin

Logan Medlin is a three-time NFR Qualifier from Tatum, New Mexico. Listen as Logan discusses winning/losing, horsepower, and mental toughness.

#91 Kolton Schmidt

Kolton Schmidt is a two-time NFR Qualifier from Barrhead, Alberta. Kolton is constantly trying to become more competitive mentally. In this podcast, he discusses some of the methods he has used to become more mentally strong and how he had to shift his mindset about winning. This podcast can be watched at: https://xftr.net/schmidtpodcast

#90 Tristan Mahoney

Tristan Mahoney, the owner of TM Bits & Spurs, has one goal–to bring you quality handmade bits and spurs at a reasonable price. It doesn’t matter what your horse needs, he has a bit that will fit both horse and rider. Every bit and spur is handmade by Tristan, in his Florence, AZ shop. To …

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