After filming the Oil Can Classic, we quickly realized the horses (and riders) entered are awesome! The ARHFA is growing at a rapid pace and setting the standard for quality team roping horses.

They highlight the rider as well as the bloodlines while providing top notch entertainment! These horses run the fastest, stop the hardest, and represent our industry with flying colors!

Interested in horsemanship as well as studying bloodlines to some wicked rope horses? Then we think this video is right up your alley!


Round 1 Heading 2019 American Rope Horse Futurity

Round 1 Heading 2019 American Rope Horse Futurity

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Heath Clark

Thank You!

I have changed my mental game for the better because of X Factor Roping. Just in the last few months I have won a pile of money. Not to mention the pros willing to give their time and energy to help people like you and me.

Eddie Johnson

Love It!

This is a great website. No matter what your number is something can be learned thru these videos. Thank you for what you are doing X Factor Roping.

Broker Riley

Amazing Value!

You can learn a lot and improve your roping skills just by watching the  videos they have on here and applying what you learn to your practice. This site is motivation and I thank X Factor Roping. Keep it up guys!

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