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Have A Short Memory

In Team Roping, our greatest obstacle is often in our own mind. We naturally dwell on what we did wrong in a run in order to try to fix the problem. The trouble is, sometimes we dwell so hard on certain flaws that they start to manifest themselves in most of our runs. Have you […]

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Play Your Game

In an age where team roping is getting faster and faster, it can be very easy too get caught up in the pace of the roping and try to do something beyond your capabilities. We see this at every level from the 8 up to open. Someone comes out and throws their rope really fast

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How Much is Too Much

One of the most frequent questions asked on roping horses is how many steers should we run on each horse in the practice pen. It can be a complex question because every horse and rider is very different. Some horses are young and can only handle a couple steers everyday while other young horses need

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Controlling The Corner

There are two crucial aspects of the run for a head horse. The first is the head box. Once a head horse has made it out of the box, hopefully leaving flat and letting the run progress, the next point of contention is the corner. It controls the rest of the run and can make

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Horse Training Cost

Finding Your Perfect Horse I often get asked and even have the thought from time to time of what makes the price of training worth it. $850 per month can be a lot of money to ask someone to spend on a horse. But then I think about how expensive it is to buy a

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Tool or Crutch

An age old question is which devices to use to achieve maximum results in our horses. Devices are very useful in giving us the advantage over horses in many ways. The main use for devices is to help us get a proper head set on our horses. Whether it is tie-downs or martingales devices can

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A Horse You Can Catch On

There is something to be said for a horse that is easy to catch on. Whether it is a heel horse that stops just right, or a head horse that is flat and easy, easy horses make roping fun. The Heel Horse Stop The focus on heel horses is always the huge stop. Though I

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